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Natalia and Caleb

Please join us for our wedding celebrations in San Juan, Puerto Rico on

Our Story

Caleb & Natalia met in February 2014 during auditions for the musical Singing' in the Rain. Natalia was determined to get the lead role and Caleb was determined to get Natalia's number. He eventually succeeded after they were both cast as co-leads. From there a friendship began and love blossomed. Since that February day, life has taken these two down many adventures. They navigated years of long-distance as Caleb was in the military and Natalia began her corporate career. Finally, after all that time spent catching flights and saying goodbye's, they moved in together in sunny California during March 2020. Flash forward to December 13, 2021, Caleb proposed in Natalia's favorite place in the world, Puerto Rico. It's only fitting that we celebrate 10-years since that first February day with our wedding celebrations.

We're so excited to see you & your families as we celebrate our marriage in March 2024. We can't thank you enough for being a part of our lives and joining us for this special occasion.

Caleb & Natalia